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What's wrong with the Trayvon Martin case

I have been watching the Trayvon Martin case unfold along with millions of other people.  This is a difficult case regardless of who is right or wrong.

Here are the issues I have with the whole thing. 

George Zimmerman had no right in chasing down Trayvon and hunting him down and getting in his face.  If you listen to the WHOLE 911 Tape, you will hear the police tell George to wait for the police to arrive.  Not to chase this person down.  George was armed and he knew he had the advantage in a confrontation. 

George wanted to be a hero.  George said "These assholes always get away."  George was not in any sort of danger until he chased Trayvon.  George went into this situation wanting to stop someone from getting away.  Even though Trayvon did NOTHING wrong.  He was wearing a hoodie, and looking around, George took it upon himself to find out what was going on.  Wearing a hoodie and having your hands in your pockets does not make you a criminal.

After the shooting, things went really wrong.  George's dad is a retired judge and George was not charged with any sort of crime.  Is that surprising?? A young black kid was killed, the shooter was there with the weapon and admitted shooting him, but George was not even held or charged.  How the fuck does that happen??  I guess this is where all the controversy starts.  Of course, if it was a white child that was killed, the shooter would be in jail.

Of course, George is claiming self defense.  Again, if you listen to the other eyewitness accounts of the 911 tapes, you can hear someone screaming for help.  It was obviously Trayvon.  Anyone would be screaming for their life if they were stopped by someone carrying a gun with intent to shoot and kill.  Self defense would imply that his life was in danger.  If I had a gun, and the other person did not, my life is not really in danger.  Also, if I had a gun, I could just shoot someone in the knees or shoulder, I don't have to put one in the chest near the heart.  Again, the intent was to kill.  There is no self defense argument here.

Now, since the incident has happened, lots of other crap has happened.  Spike Lee tweeted the wrong address to his fans.  Thousands of people harassed an elderly couple thinking they were George Zimmerman.  What an asshole.  Spike did not "Do the Right thing."  I understand the outrage regarding this issue, but tweeting some one's personal address is not the solution.

Where I stand on all this is very simple.  We live in a fucked up society where kids are being killed needlessly and assholes are getting away with it.  Is it a race thing?  I am not sure I would call George a racist.  Actually, George is an asshole with a gun looking to stop criminals from getting away.  When you have someone who is so misguided with a loaded gun, these are the things that are going happen.  When we have a child killed in cold blood because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, something needs to be done.

Psycho Gunmen

Some fucking Asian psycho named One Goh just shot up a college in Oakland, California.  I am so tired of hearing about some crazy ass psycho who decides to shoot up a college or school.

This time the shooter is described as a Korean man wearing Khakis in his forties.  That could be me.  Ok, I am Asian - Chinese actually, but we all look alike right? in my forties and like millions of people I wear Khakis.  What I don't wear around my belt are my automatic weapons.

There are so many things wrong with this. 

Not to be racist, but Asians should be using their Kung Fu skills to kick someones ass.  Not shooting people like some trigger happy cowboy.  Giving someone a good ass kicking will not end someones life.  Nothing beats a swift well placed kick to the crotch.  No serious permanent damage.  No need to shoot someone.  I don't know why or what happened exactly, but I know that people are dead and that is a tragedy.  Kicking someones ass, might not solve the problem, but at least it is not permanent.

People should not have such easy access to guns.  If the psychos are going to be well armed, we all need to be well armed.  If everyone at that school were armed to the teeth, this guy would have been able to only kill a few, not so many.  Violence only gets more violence.  Other countries where guns are not so readily available don't have the homicide rates that we do here in the good old USA.  I think that we should all be issued M-16's.  This will level the playing field.  Or, we can take the other approach and there should be NO guns.  Only the army and police are allowed to have guns.  My 7 year old told me he wants a MP-5.  I asked him how he knew what that was, and he told me his friend told him.  WTF?

Hey psycho guman, if you are fucked up in the head and want to hurt someone, really you should just do everyone a favor and lock yourself up and shoot yourself in the head.  Now, don't go around killing other people who probably have nothing to do with you.  It's just selfish.  Don't be a selfish asshole, just kill yourself do everyone else a favor.  We don't need more tragedies because you are messed up in the head. 

If you think I am offensive, or want to flame me. Go ahead.  Just make sure you click on an ad or two on your way off my site.  Also, tell two friends to come and flame me too.  Love the page views.