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Psycho Gunmen

Some fucking Asian psycho named One Goh just shot up a college in Oakland, California.  I am so tired of hearing about some crazy ass psycho who decides to shoot up a college or school.

This time the shooter is described as a Korean man wearing Khakis in his forties.  That could be me.  Ok, I am Asian - Chinese actually, but we all look alike right? in my forties and like millions of people I wear Khakis.  What I don't wear around my belt are my automatic weapons.

There are so many things wrong with this. 

Not to be racist, but Asians should be using their Kung Fu skills to kick someones ass.  Not shooting people like some trigger happy cowboy.  Giving someone a good ass kicking will not end someones life.  Nothing beats a swift well placed kick to the crotch.  No serious permanent damage.  No need to shoot someone.  I don't know why or what happened exactly, but I know that people are dead and that is a tragedy.  Kicking someones ass, might not solve the problem, but at least it is not permanent.

People should not have such easy access to guns.  If the psychos are going to be well armed, we all need to be well armed.  If everyone at that school were armed to the teeth, this guy would have been able to only kill a few, not so many.  Violence only gets more violence.  Other countries where guns are not so readily available don't have the homicide rates that we do here in the good old USA.  I think that we should all be issued M-16's.  This will level the playing field.  Or, we can take the other approach and there should be NO guns.  Only the army and police are allowed to have guns.  My 7 year old told me he wants a MP-5.  I asked him how he knew what that was, and he told me his friend told him.  WTF?

Hey psycho guman, if you are fucked up in the head and want to hurt someone, really you should just do everyone a favor and lock yourself up and shoot yourself in the head.  Now, don't go around killing other people who probably have nothing to do with you.  It's just selfish.  Don't be a selfish asshole, just kill yourself do everyone else a favor.  We don't need more tragedies because you are messed up in the head. 

If you think I am offensive, or want to flame me. Go ahead.  Just make sure you click on an ad or two on your way off my site.  Also, tell two friends to come and flame me too.  Love the page views.


  1. or we could be like Israel and when you become legal everyone goes to basic training. Imagine if EVERYONE on a college campus had training to deal with a hostile, violent gunman situation. it might deter people from saying "hey I want to kill myself, why not go shoot up a college campus on my way out"

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