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Awesome crazy playgrounds - Slide Show

My kids always want to go the park and use the slide.  Of course they do, they are kids.  We live near some of the most boring parks in the country.  Just your regular slide that you find in 99% of all parks.  Come on people, get an imagination.  Have some fun.

I would LOVE to take my kids to these playgrounds.  They might learn something about the birds and the bees, but that is just fine by me.

Who doesn't want to see their kid get pooped out of an elephant's ass?

You can't learn evolution from school, but you can learn it at the playground.  Not sure what the hell is going on, but looks educational.

For all the dads that did not look "Behind the curtain" during their kids birth. This one is for you.

This guy doesn't belong at the playground.

This girl looks like she is dodging something that just shot out of that ass.  Be careful of large stuffed pink asses that you can crawl through.  Nothing good can come of this.

This kid is aware of what is coming up.

I told my kid..."Never let go."

Wanna eat me?

Wow, just wow.  I think I have seen it all.  There is a guy/gal in Japan that has cut off his gentials and served them up for dinner.  YES, it's true.

Mao Sugiyama of Japan is his/her name.

Be warned, this link has some graphic pictures for all you sick people who want to see the freak show.  This guy/gal has literally chopped off his genitals and cooked and served them up for five people to eat.  Last warning, the pictures might make you want to throw up in a violent way.

So, the question is...who is more fucking crazy?  The guy/gal who chopped it off and cooked it up? Or the five fucking sick freaks of nature who paid $250 per person to eat them? How did this even come up?  Here's my take on how it happened.

Guy/gal chef - Hey, I don't want my balls or penis anymore, but I don't want them to go to waste.  It's bad for the environment if I just throw them out.  There is not a good place to recycle them.

Sick rich person - Dude...or should I say dudette, let me eat them.

Guy/gal chef - What?

Sick rich person - I have money.  Cold hard cash.  I will pay you $250 to eat them.  I want to eat them because I am rich and being very rich and sick I would like to eat something...very unique and special.

Guy/gal chef - Hmmm...can you eat all of it?  I have two large balls and one medium penis.

Sick rich person - Well, I don't like to stuff myself at dinner time, so I guess I can get 5 of my sick friends to help me out.  They will love it.  I will tell them it's a new trend that is sweeping the nation, and that they want to be trend setters, not followers.

I have eaten some crazy stuff before.  I have had snake, rabbit, duck, shark fin, deer, pink slime (chicken nuggets), beef lips and other parts (hotdog), and many other things I can't even remember.  But one thing I know I have never had or ever will...some guy's penis and balls.  There is NOTHING about this that is acceptable.  I bet even the cannibals who eat people on a regular basis probably throw those nasty parts away because they are just nasty.