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Making the bus monitor cry - Karen Klein

Like all of you I was mesmerized yesterday watching the bus monitor lady get verbally berated by a bunch of punks.  I watched the video and of course I wanted to rant and rave against these little shits, but could I really attack middle school kids? I decided to take the high road and avoid it completely.

Click here if you have not seen the video

Until this morning.

I watched the video again and I was just amazed at how Karen Klein sat there and took that assault.  Of course she couldn't bitch slap each of those kids or punch them in the throat (literally), but she could have at least defended herself. 

This is all in fun, so laugh because it's a joke...sort of.

Here's what I wish Karen Klein had said to those little fuckers:

Kid: Hey Karen, you're a fat ass.
Karen: Your dad doesn't complain about my fat ass when I sit on his face. Loser.

Kid: Where did you get that purse, Karen?
Karen: From your mother's closet, you little dumbass. She said you gave it to her for Mother's Day, but she hates you and your crappy gifts. You little Douche Canoe.

Kid: Where do you live, Karen? I want to go and pee on your door.
Karen: That'll be great. Let me know when you're coming so I can take some bath salts and eat your face off.  You ignorant troll.

Kid: I want to take a crap in your mouth, Karen.
Karen: You must have learned that from your mom, because she's always begging me to take a crap in HER mouth.  Butt face.

Kid: You're so sweaty, Karen.
Karen: Yeah, I'm sweaty. Because that's how your mom likes me to taste. Penis breath.

Kid: You're so poor, Karen.
Karen: Oh yeah? That video's going on Youtube tonight and I'm gonna make half a million dollars.  I'll be able to retire in style, but you will always be ugly and stupid.  There's no changing that.

This is terrible situation and everyone is outraged.  One good thing that has happened to Karen is that there was an incredible out pouring of support and even a donation page to send her on a vacation.  They were trying to raise $5,000, and guess what?  After this went viral, her donation page has raised almost $600,000.  Now she can retire in style and get away from puck ass kids like these.

PS. I hope this post finds its way to Karen so she can have a good laugh, while spending her money in her retirement.


  1. You are freaking hilarious! Love, Love, Love you and Jen. Thanks for the daily laughs...we sure need them!

  2. I wish she would have said all this also!! I hate to admit it, but I live in the next town over from these shitheads...

  3. LOL 'penis breath.'

  4. Hahaha!! Too funny!
    I also saw on AC360 last night that Southwest Air Lines is flying her and 9 family members to Disney. She makes $15,000 a year to make sure those stupid little shits get to and from school safely everyday. Them AND THEIR PARENTS should be publicly humiliated. It starts at home. They didn't learn disrespect like that on their own.

  5. That whole video/situation disgusts me, I had to stop watching it because it made me want to cry. If only she could have used your response!

  6. "Douche canoe" lol love it

  7. I laughed so hard I cried. Thank you for being awesome.

  8. My bus monitor and I took this kind of verbal abuse all year long. Granted we transport kids with behavioral disorders and had an hour long wait on the bus because schools got out at different times but doesn't mean we enjoy the abuse. The schools did absolutely nothing to help either. You basically take the verbal abuse and sometimes physical when they throw things at you, then you write up a disciplinary referral and then ......nothing. They discuss the behavior with the student and send a note home to ask the parent to please encourage their child to follow the rules on the bus. And we are with some of these kids 5.5 to 6 hours a day. In spite of it all though I love my job and the good days really make you feel like you make a difference....still wouldn't mind being able to post video on you tube so all the parents who don't believe their little angel acted this way could actually see what happens!!! Too bad that would get me fired!!! lol

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