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Caution: Bus makes wide turns

I guess this guy was not told that the BUS always has the right of way.

Wedgie alert

How many times do I have to tell you NOT to climb that fence in your underwear??

Drunk Baby wants beer

Drunk baby asks an important question.

Reality Bites

When telling your kid the truth is not always the best thing.

Love Disney?

Now I understand why Toy Story is so popular.

Best uses for your baby

If you have a baby, you have the perfect place to rest your laptop.

Trying to print your iPad screen?

If you are trying to print your iPad screen, this is not the BEST way to do it.

Star Wars and Cereal

If you love Star Wars and cereal, this is the best ever! I want a bowl of Raisin Han.

The age old relationship between men and women

This just shows that no matter how famous or hot you are, you still have the same relationship as everyone else.


Wow, where is Boots and and the Map?

Best High Five with Jesus

Here is to being awesome and the best high five you can get!

Where have all the good guys gone??

Holy crap Rainbow Dash, I missed BronyCon 2012!  For all you regular guys and gals living your regular lives, you are missing out.  For those of you who don't know or have never heard of BronyCon, please read this article

Basically, it is a convention of about 4,000 people - mostly males who love "My Little Pony."  Yes, that right, your favorites such as Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and all the other lovable, magical,  happy, smiling, friendly cartoon horses come to life.  Apparently they get dressed up as their favorite pony and gather in Secacus, New Jersey once a year.  They celebrate the awesomeness that is "My Little Pony."

Ok, I have never owned a pony - real or not, and definitely never a pink magical creature that wants to be my best friend.  My wife might have some sort of memories of this, but I am not sure she would ever admit it.  My daughter might have seen the cartoon once or twice, but always wants to turn the channel so she can watch something blow up or smash something else in the face.  Don't get me wrong, if a magical, friendly lovable creature such as a beautiful pink pony wanted to be my friend, I would gladly accept her friendship.

I am just a little shocked that 4,000 people gather in the armpit of NJ and dress like magical ponies.  What is more shocking is that this is geared towards the male population.  Lots of single women are constantly complaining that they can't find a good man.  Well, they aren't looking in the right place.  There are 4,000 of them in Secacus, NJ every year.

Any gal that wants to "catch" that special guy should dress up as "Pinky Pie" and head to BronyCon.  I bet she can find a guy there.  Now, he might just want to be her friend at first, but I bet if she showed how "magical" a real girl can be, he might just "come" around.  I am sure they are really good cuddlers and you might even get your hair braided and isn't that what every girl wants?