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The age old relationship between men and women

This just shows that no matter how famous or hot you are, you still have the same relationship as everyone else.


  1. It might show that if these pictures were all taken at the same time. Notice the differences between the first two pictures and the last three? Look at his clothing, the color of the chairs, the people sitting around him. Whoever put this together cropped these pictures pretty well so people wouldn't notice these things.

  2. Even if it's staged, it's still funny.

    1. Yes, I agree - it's still funny!

  3. Staged or not, makes a pretty damn good point :) Good thing me and my honey have no problems with the other one simply looking....Can look but not touch.

  4. If you respect your partner, you try not to get caught. I'm guessing he knows that!

    Yes, staged, but awfully well done. And damn, who cares--it's a set of pics of the hottest dude alive! :)

  5. He is wearing a different shirt in pics 1 and 2 then he is in pics 3,4,5 :P

  6. Sorry, this just shows that context is everything...Seriously, it's a pretty bad idea to mix and match situations, then try to prove a point with it. Not funny, and not intelligent.