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Great Teamwork

Love this picture, it is the best example of Teamwork.

My food baby

My baby would be "food". I love my "food" baby.

Ceiling Fan settings

I like to live dangerously with setting number 3 all the time.

Wash your hands

All the "wash your hands" signs should look like this.


If you don't know Nutella, you don't know why this is awesome. 
I think you are missing out.

Thank you for not smoking

Don't smoke around me if you don't want to get pissed on.

The good old days

This is perfect.  I remember the good old days.  I miss my Atari.
What do you miss??

More Is Always Better

Guys always want more.  No matter what it is, they want more.  More food at the all you can eat buffet, more horsepower in a car, more money, more gadgets, and of course more sex if they can get it.  It is basically part of the male DNA to want more.  

The Hollywood producers know this and they have come up with more.  Total Recall is a remake of a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger made back in 1990.  It is based on a short science fiction story written by Philip K. Dick, a great writer by the way.  The movie was a fun and interesting sci-fi movie with some interesting ideas.  Not really great cinema, but not the worst film Arnold has ever made.  The one thing that stands out in the minds of most of the male viewers is: a three breasted prostitute on Mars.  She looked pretty normal, except she had three breasts.  It was quite the scene back in 1990.    

You wish you had three hands

Well, for the new version, of course this prostitute is back.  She is very hot and has three lovely breasts for the male audience to fantasize about.  The line in the movie is "You're going to wish you had three hands."  Now, she doesn't really look normal, because she has THREE breasts are that is NOT normal, but it really doesn't matter.  More is always better.  It doesn't matter that she is a mutant from Mars, she has three breasts and she is hot, and that is pretty much all that any guy needs to hear.  Even though we only have two  hands, three breasts are still better than two.

Now women don't feel the same way at all.  They don't always want more.  Can you imagine if Magic Mike had a guy with three testicles?  Do you think women would go NUTS for him?  I don't think so.