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The good old days

This is perfect.  I remember the good old days.  I miss my Atari.
What do you miss??


  1. My kids are watching Tom and Jerry right now. They hate the newer version and much prefer the older violent version.....that's my offspring!

  2. I miss when cartoons were only Saturday, and only till noon. You might get an hour of old ones after school during the week, but that was it. I always new when Looney Tunes was over it was time to get outside and not come back till the street lights came on.

  3. I miss Love Boat followed by Fantasy Island!

  4. In Hawaii and E. North Carolina they sprayed for (against?) mosquitos using these huge gas sprayers pulled behind utility trucks, huge fog-like streams of insecticide pouring out the back... and us kids, riding our Huffys and Schwinns, riding like hell, screaming and yelling, trying to keep up, engulfed in that stuff. Great Fun...