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No more lines at the female bathrooms

Here is the solution to the long lines at the female bathroom. It works for men.

Love science

Love the Smithsonian for coming up with this.  Science is fun.

Awesome Shadows

Incredible art. Can't believe everything you see.

The REAL biological clock

This is exactly what my clock looks like. No puppy for me.

I've become THAT parent

I have a confession to make.  I have become THAT parent.  You know the type.  Loud, obnoxious, screaming at their kid at the soccer field.  Yes, I have become that guy.  If you ever knew me in person, you would understand how unlikely this is.  I am not into sports.  Maybe some table tennis and a competitive game of darts and billiards, but I never played any sort of sport in a competitive team environment.  Sports did not interest me, I guess I was too busy exercising my hand eye coordination killing Space Invaders and trying to topple that angry Donkey Kong.

Score, score, score
I hear that playing sports is good for your health and great for social interaction, so my 7 year old son, Gomer plays soccer.  He really does love it.  He is built for it.  He is quick, and strong, and does a nice job kicking that ball around.  He can't wait for practice and games.  We have a state of the art soccer complex near our house where they play.  We used to go there to watch other friend's kids play and I used to always notice the asshole parent that was screaming at their kid or other kids on the field.  I thought to myself, "What a dick,  it's just a game."  Most of these people were very athletic looking.  Big, brawny, ex-jocks who wanted their kid to win at any cost.  I could never understand why they would be like this.  Until now.

Gomer is on a team where they are coached by volunteers.  They are playing with their friends and classmates.  Supposedly they don't even keep score yet.  Who are they kidding, of course they are keeping score, otherwise why play the game?  I am a very competitive person by nature.  I hate to lose.  I hate to see my son do something that I know he can do better.  I hate to see him not listen to directions.

We were at his game, and he was told to play LEFT Defense.  So that means, he is supposed to stay on the left side of the field and stay back to help defend his goal.  Gomer is so excited about soccer and loves to help and run that he is running all over the field and chasing the ball anywhere and everywhere.  This is where I got mad and started screaming at him.  "Gomer, Gomer, get back to the left side.  You need to help protect your goal."  It is a large field and he can barely hear me.  I screamed even louder.  He looks at me and indicates that he doesn't understand me.  I don't know what to do.  I go over to him when he is rotated out and try to explain to him what to do.  He still does not understand me.  I blame the coaches of course for his lack of understanding.  After the game, I asked him what happened, and he tells me that he was trying his best and did not understand what I wanted him to do.  He looked sad and like he had disappointed me.  I asked if he had fun, he told me yes.  Even though they lost 8-2, he was still having fun.  I asked him one final question, "Do you hate it when I yell at you?"  He said, yes.  That was enough for me to hear.  I felt bad that I had taken his joy for playing soccer and made it a competitive sport where winning was important.  Don't get my wrong, I think winning IS important, but at 7 years old, having fun is important too.

For now on, I will not be screaming at Gomer, unless it is to cheer him on.  I don't want to be THAT parent. I know I will revisit this when he is older and can take the verbal abuse - I mean support from me.

Dirty dishes

I prefer the dirty one.

My wife is very USEFUL

Here is the reason every guy needs a wife.

Want to see me closer?

He was looking for a close up.  But this was NOT what he was expecting.

Gangnam Style

I have Gangnam Style fever.  What the hell is that?  Have you never heard of Gangnam Style?  Have you been in a hole?  Or are you just older with kids?  Ok, me too.  I am in the same demographic.  Older with kids.  But through the magic of Facebook and the internet and my friends who are younger and Asian and I had the benefit of seeing this all over my Facebook a few weeks ago.  I normally don't watch this stuff because it doesn't appeal to me, but I kept seeing this all over and I was curious.

Here is a really good wrap up about Gangnam Style by Mashable.  Basically it is a hit pop song from Korea that has gone viral.  It has over 110 Million views on Youtube right now.  It has overtaken Justin B. and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Why am I writing about it?  Because I think this is a great video and lots of FUN.  My kids want to watch it over and over and try to do the moves.  I have some rhythm, but I also have two left feet, so I can't dance, but when I watch this video, I think I can actually do the moves.  It is basically someone riding a horse.  Yup, a horse.  This video was produced in Korea with a K-Pop star, so I am not sure how he even thought of riding a horse.  But you have to see it to believe it.  It's like an Asian guy wearing a suit in Korea doing a line dance with pop music pretending to ride and rope a horse.

I am Chinese - not Korean, so I have no idea what they are saying either, but it doesn't matter.  It is just fun.  I know most of the people on my site are NOT Asian, so it doesn't matter to you, but it is awesome for my kids to see Asians in popular culture so they don't think that being Asian is so rare, and that it might be even be cool to be Asian or half Asian.  I grew up in NYC where I was surrounded by Asians, and now we live in Kansas where we are are NOT surrounded by Asians, so for my kids to see an Asian take the music world by storm is pretty cool.

So here is the video.  I hope you get a kick out of it.  It is really fun.

Now if you did like this, I hope you will watch a son and his mom do a version of this dance.  It is really nice and obviously he and his mom are having lots of fun.  Enjoy.

If you are still here that means you might have Gangnam Style fever as well, so I have one more video.  I showed a sweet video with a mom and her son for all the ladies.  Now I have a video for all the guys and husbands. If you have a teenage boy, he might be very interested in this one as well. This one is basically hot Asian chicks who dance to Gangnam Style.  I think they are in the original  video, but this one really shows off their assets.

Believe me when I tell you this will hit America in the next few weeks.  There are already lots of videos copying the moves.  I hope you guys have enjoyed this.

Tough football players??

These guys are bad ASS.  

Winner of funniest imaginative letter ever written

This is the most imaginative letter written by a kid I have ever read. 
I hope he becomes a writer some day.
 Don't miss his picture below.  He might need an illustrator and spell check in the future.

Blow your kid's mind

My kids are always shocked when we see their teachers shopping at Target.