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Blow your kid's mind

My kids are always shocked when we see their teachers shopping at Target.


  1. Love this. Love the looks on my students faces when they see me. It's shocking that we don't live in little pods underneath the desk. When I was teaching High School, I completely rattled some of them in a group that saw me all dressed up in cocktail attire as my then fiance' and I grabbed dinner before an event. The four of them were at the same restaurant on a double date. We stopped at their table and said hello, and they could barely speak.

  2. Imagine the looks on the faces of HS grad's from AR when they ran into their English teacher in Hawaii! My son was chosen to represent the AR Razorbacks at the "Downunder Bowl" in Australia. Only graduating Sr's are allowed. They went to Australia, then to Hawaii. One of his first calls from Hawaii "Mom, you won't believe who we just ran into waiting to catch a ferry"? Oh the memories, thanks for bringing back a twelve year old one!