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What the fuck are Meggings?  It's the hottest trend in men's fashion you dumb cave dweller.  It's basically leggings for men.  Yes, you backward hill billy, don't you have ANY sort of fashion sense?  What we have been missing for so many years is leggings for men.  Skin tight meggings to show off the skinny, tight legs of men.  Hot...right? 

Men want to flaunt those chicken legs and show off just how scrawny and pathetic their legs really are.  Nothing is able to showcase those gams like meggings.  All the hot guys and celebrities are wearing them.  Justin Bieber and Russell Brand are sporting them.  Oh, wait, did I say "hot", I meant to say, "effeminate, weird, and creepy".

So, if you are looking for a gift that will embarrass and make your guy look like a muscular tranny, get him his own pair of Meggings.  Every fashion victim one.

Different points of view

I think Sean spent 4 years admiring (stalking) Stephanie from a far.

WTF, Urban Outfitters

WTF, Urban Outfitters?  You fucking hipster store.  You're making Christmas your bitch this year?

How incredibly subversive and cool you are.  You with your FUCK candle and your "Let's Fucking Reminisce" photo albums.   You guys are the coolest, hippest, most ironic store out there.

There are lots of people who are upset with your use of profanity in your products, but not me.  Fuck'em I say.  Those assholes don't know a fucking gold mine when they see it.  If these old fogie parents ever heard their kid speak with their fucking friends, they would understand that you are just giving them what they fucking want.  Yes, those fucking, hip, cool kids who have too much money on their hands.

Urban Outfitters, you are my hero because you are able to remove money from asshat hipsters and get them to pay $16 for a photo album made in Asia for about $.25.  Only your crack marketing team is able to compel idiots to give up $198 for a Polaroid Instant camera that is just a piece of shit digital camera made to look like the original, but does not function as an instant camera.  Pure fucking genius.

I'm worth $198, because I look ironic and cool.

Posers out there have a lot to learn from your marketing genius.  I think every store that wants to get some attention needs to throw the word "fuck" around and really start selling their overpriced shit.

I am going to start getting my $50 "Fucking Easter Eggs" ready for spring.

Tom and Jerry

I see now that Jerry was a complete dick.  Sorry Tom.