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I Want to Run a Marathon

Here is my conversation with my wife regarding me running a marathon.

Me:  I think I want to run a marathon. 

Jen:  You can't run a marathon!

Me:  Yes, I think I could do it. 

Jen:  No you can't.

Me:  Well, it would be cool to say I ran a marathon.  I think I'm going to run a marathon.

Jen:  You can't run a marathon. 

Me:  Why not?

Jen:  You don't run.

Me: Ok, that's true.  But it's no problem, lots of old people just walk it. 

Jen:  Uh huh.

Me:  That's it.  I will just walk it!

Jen:  Well, then you can't say you ran a marathon.  All you can say is you walked 26.2 miles.

For those that don't know me in real life.  There is no way in hell, I can run, walk, jog, skip or even ride a bike for 26.2 miles.  I don't have the discipline or the desire to run a marathon.  I would just like to say I did it, but my wife had to crush my dream.


  1. Forget a whole marathon. You should do this. I don't run either and I'm totally doing this one!!!

  2. Sign up to volunteer. They'll give you a free t-shirt and whenever you wear it people will just assume you ran ;)

  3. I was never a runner. I was one of the last ones in junior high to finish the mile (20 minutes I think?) But in 2007 I did the Couch 2 5K program, ran my 1st 5K in Feb. 2008 and decided I was going to do the full marathon the following year. I DID IT, and I have been running races ever since. My favorite distance is the 1/2 marathon. You can do whatever you set your mind to. I see all ages, shapes and sizes on race day. It's exhilarating! And the sense of accomplishment is amazing. I bet if you start with a smaller race you'll end up doing the full marathon one day!

  4. Running isn't for everyone, but you should totally do the fake marathon

  5. Just because someone says you can't do something doesn't make it true! Just saying! Someone said that to me once and I've done four marathons and a Half Ironman! ;-)

    1. AND 3 of them were after breaking my NECK!!! True story.

  6. One step at a time.