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Remember the 80's?

 25 things that make me remember the 80's.

1.  "Celebration" was a new song that was so cool, by Kool & the Gang.

2.  "I pity the fool."  Mr. T was da bomb.

3.  Leg warmers and headbands.

4.  Atari, Commodore 64, and Intellivision.

5.  Remington Steel was totally a stud and not James Bond.

6.  School House Rock really did rock.

7.  "Where's the beef?"  At Wendy's of course.

8.  "The Day After" freaked me out.

9.  "E.T" loved Reece's Pieces.

10.  MacGyver could make anything with of his swiss army knife and a roll of something or other.

11.  You know exactly who was in the "Brat Pack."

12.  You know the theme song to "Inspector Gadget."

13.  You miss your "Swatch watch" and the "Swatch Guard" for that watch in day-glow colors.

14.  You want to be "gagged with a spoon."

15.  You had a crush on one of the Corey's. Haim and/or Feldman.

16.  MTV had videos, and not crazy kids doing crazy stuff.

17.  You wanted so badly to go "Back to the Future" and kick Biff's ass.

18.  You tried to "moonwalk" but looked like an idiot.

19.  You had a Rubik's cube and could only solve it after taking it apart or taking the stickers off.

20.  You wanted to "physche" people out.

21.  You wanted to wear "Jordache" jeans.

22.  You remember OMD, Depeche Mode, and A Flock of Seagulls.

23.  The cellphone was a brick and only super rich people had them.

24.  You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have "the facts of life."

25.  Crockett and Tubbs inspired you to walk around in linen pants and loafers with no socks because they were just too cool.

I hope you enjoyed traveling back to the 80's with me.

If none of this list makes any sense to you, I feel sorry for you because that means you missed a great era.

I kept this list to 25 items, but if you can remember anything else that is essential 80's, please comment below and let's remember the good times together.


  1. You mean "pysche!" and "Remember" but otherwise, yes!! I miss the 80s. Totally awesome. :)

    1. Thanks for the spell check. I still like "sike". English is my second language.

    2. and you mean "psyche", if you're going to correct someone, you might want to check yourself first

    3. Oh snappy dearheart, I spell better than I type. And I'm not as jerky as you. Kiss Kiss.

  2. Replies
    1. Be sure to catch the flash of a Monchichi in the video!

  3. Love everything about the 80s.

  4. I miss the 80's with the exception of the Corey's. You can keep the Corey's.

    1. Not even The Lost Boys Corey's? 'cmon.........

  5. Acid-wash jeans
    Socks that matched my outfits
    BIG BANGS (not the tv show. lol)

    And am I the only one that watched and loved David the Gnome? It came on Nickelodeon and was awesome! My husband says he doesn't even remember it :(

  6. How could you forget Duran Duran? *swoon*
    Neon/flourescent everything
    later 80s Jordache became Guess jeans

  7. Neon clothes, "net" shirts, & side ponytails

  8. You Can't Do That on Television, parachute pants, feathered hair, slap bracelets, jelly shoes, hair bands

    1. You Can't do that on Television was awesome!! That's where Nick got the green slime LOL

  9. Cheers, Night Court, Diff'rent Strokes, banana clips, LA Gear, Dirty Dancing, Family Ties, Freddy movies (Nightmare on Elm Street)

  10. High tops, banana clips, Family Ties, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, USA For Africa, Boom Boxes, Pop Up Video, Who Shot JR?, Empire Strikes Back, Ferris Bueller, Princess Bride, Walkman, breakdancing, shoulder pads, parachute pants and Pac Man!

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