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To Infinity and Beyond

Buzz is going where no toy has gone before.  Ouch.


  1. I'm pretty sure just dying would have been a better option for this guy. It has to be a guy because that is a no fly zone for most women.

    1. Na, that is normal course for any ER nurse, doctor, etc. And that isn't even the worst thing I've seen. I worked as a computer geek in several er's for a few months, and trust me, after dealing with lock downs because of gang bangers, mentally ill people screaming bloody murder all night, people falling off roofs, busloads of people with less than hangnail issues, something like that is absolutely no big deal.

  2. OMGosh I just had a bone scan done yesterday... I assure you it wasn't me, I am more of a Woody girl ;) I couldn't resist!

  3. For all that is good and holy, that is hilarious - I want to know why they chose Buzz Lightyear - I mean did he vibrate or something and how exactly was the button depressed? In any case, I would rip some shit out before I went up into the ER with Buzz in my ass and lie about why my ass and some other internal organs were hanging out!