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My Fun Trip - Elfie

Here I am with the Beautiful Lady Liberty. She is such a sight for sore eyes.

Here I am in the heart of NYC. Nothing beats the Big Apple.

Here I am visiting the White House.  It was nice of the first family to say hello.

Here I am in South Beach, Miami.  I forgot my shades that day.

Here I am at Cape Canaveral.  I would love to go into space one day.

 Here I am at the Treasure Island hotel in Vegas. Loved that pirate show.

Here I am at the Luxor hotel in Vegas.  That light sure is bright.

Here I am leaving Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 

Don't Know What Poor Is

If loving ramen is for poor people, I don't want to be wealthy.

Top 7 Complaints of a Stay at Home Dad

I am very lucky to be a stay at home Dad and I'm really happy to be able spend so much time with my kids and help take care of them. As much as I enjoy my time with the kids though, it's not all terrific. So, with Father's Day coming, I felt like there are a few things I need to complain about. We all know, I really have only one day that I can complain. This is my one chance and I'm taking it. I have to do it now, because NO ONE - including my wife who is a stay at home MOM - will ever feel sorry for me. Moms will always have the trump card, because they "gave birth." OK, I get it, I will never be able to "give birth," but I will take my one day and air my grievances.