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  1. I also have a neighbor with a floodlight that shines directly in my eyes, but happily the installation of drapes has cured the problem. Plus, he's the nicest neighbor we have, has lived in the house all his life, and I don't want to piss him off by complaining about his light, seemingly the only complaint I have about the man.
    However, my neighbor to the west is another story. I would like to have him transported to Mercury the next time he barks and howls at our house at midnight after an evening of heavy drinking. Since he's threatened to kill me and our dog, I've decided I won't say anything to him directly.
    If you have any pithy but workable suggestions for me, I'd love to hear them.

  2. I just thought you should know that my hubby thought he could rope me in to a relationship by pretending to faint from and old racing accident. Found out later it was go carts and no accident. He also fancies himself a werewolf. He does play goalie in a geezer beer hockey league but you would think it was the nhl. Just saying you aren't the only one exuding self confidence. Lol

  3. I just thought you should know that my hubby thought he could rope me in to a relationship by pretending to faint from and old racing accident. Found out later it was go carts and no accident. He also fancies himself a werewolf. He does play goalie in a geezer beer hockey league but you would think it was the nhl. Just saying you aren't the only one exuding self confidence. Lol

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